• Sanitary District 5: Serving Tiburon and Belvedere, CA

    Sanitary District 5: Serving Tiburon and Belvedere, CA

    The District serves over 3,500 households, collecting, processing, and treating wastewater in accordance with State and Federal Regulations under a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit.

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June 15, 2021 - WE ARE NOW OPEN!

Here are the new guidelines for Office Entry at SD5:

What does this mean/look like at SD5?

Face Mask Policy at SD5



Researchers Look to Sewage and Wastewater to Monitor COVID-19-SD5 Takes Part In Study

It’s no secret: everybody poops. Marin County Public Health has partnered with local sanitary agencies and University of California Berkeley to do regular sampling of wastewater supplies in Marin County as part of broader COVID-19 outbreak surveillance. Anyone that is infected with COVID-19 is emitting the virus in their bodily fluids, which ends up passing as waste in the toilet. UC Berkeley scientists can detect RNA for the virus in wastewater. Dr. Matt Willis explains more about how the research project works and why its an important tool for the long-term response to COVID-19.


Link to story by Deirdre McCrohan - Ark News Paper






The purpose of this notice is to inform you and your neighbors of an upcoming construction project which will improve and rehabilitate the sanitary sewer system in your area. The bid for the 2020 Cove Road Force Main Replacement Project for Tiburon and Belvedere was sent out in April, 2020. Sanitary District No. 5’s Board of Directors has awarded the project to Maggiora & Ghilotti, Inc., and we expect construction to begin in July. The duration of the project will last approximately 16 weeks. Please be assured that construction at or near your property, however, will only occur for a small portion of that time, as the operation moves continually, progressing down the street.

Approximately 2,100 linear feet of 14” HDPE Sewer Force Main will be installed alongside the existing 10” force main sewer pipe serving the City of Belvedere. This additional force main will be installed via the “open-cut” method, which requires a conventional construction trench for the installation of the new pipe. The route of the new sewer force main begins on Cove Road, adjacent to Barn Road, and flows in the direction toward Beach Road. It then goes down Beach Road, toward Juanita Lane, in Tiburon. The force main continues along the entire length of Juanita Lane toward Tiburon Boulevard, where it concludes on Tiburon Boulevard, slightly past the roundabout on Paradise Drive.

The work will involve mechanical digging to install the new sewer force main along the entire route mentioned above. The work areas will be covered with trench-plates and barricaded off. Any paved, concreted, or landscaped areas affected by the project will be restored as practically and nearly as possible to the pre-construction conditions.

Nute Engineering, Inc. will be inspecting the construction of the 2020 Cove Road Force Main Project on behalf of Sanitary District No.5. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mark Wilson at (415) 453-4480, ext. 208.

The staff of Sanitary District No. 5, Nute Engineers, and Maggiora & Ghilotti, Inc., are committed to giving a high degree of attention toward seeing that our customers – businesses and residents – are minimally inconvenienced during this project, and we appreciate your cooperation.

Sincerest regards,

Tony Rubio, District Manager

Sanitary District No. 5 of Marin County


Public Notice: Restricted Closure Extension

June 1, 2020

Public Notice: Restricted Closure Extension

Dear valued Customers and Residents,

As the Sanitary District (SD5) continues to work alongside County Health Officials, as well as with allied government agencies, to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the preservation of health and safety of our Staff and Customers is paramount. With this in mind, the District office will remain closed to the public until Marin County Health Officials and SD5 Management determines it no longer poses credible health risks to our Staff or Customers.

The treatment and processing of raw sewage already presents certain health risks to staff. It is our hope that remaining closed to the public will help minimize potential exposure of staff to the COVID-19 virus, and vice versa. The difficult decision to remain closed to the Public is based on current and available information on the Marin County website. In addition to the observation of Marin County guidelines, SD5 Management believes in order to protect our District Staff, Family, Customers, and Residents, physical visits to the District office be suspended until otherwise advised by the Marin County Health Officials and comparable government organizations.

Please note that the SD5 Board of Directors, as well as SD5 Management, take the health and safety of our community and environment very seriously. The testing, processing and treatment of sewage will go on as normal and staff will respond to emergencies, at both treatment plants as well as SD5’s sewer collections systems. We do understand, however, this is an inconvenience to you, our Customers and Residents. Please contact us via phone or email listed below.

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 415.435.1501 with any questions or concerns.

We thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we work through COVID-19 together.

Stay well,

SD5 Management






Dear valued customers,

As government agencies and communities continue to work together to reduce the spread of the COVID 19 virus, Sanitary District No. 5 of Marin County has made the decision to cease office operations involving direct contact with the public, until April 1st, at which time management will determine if it is in the best interest of the health and safety of staff to reopen the office to the public.

Treatment and testing of sewage as well as maintenance of District equipment will continue as normal. We will still be taking calls and responding to emergencies.

We understand that this may be disruptive to our customers, but the health and safety of our staff as well as our community is paramount.

If you need to contact District staff, please contact the office via phone at the number listed below.

Thank you for your understanding as we work together to fight this pandemic.

With regards,

SD5 Management

(415) 435-1501


Sewer Emergencies

24 Hours

(415) 779-9048

Dial 9-1-1 if public health or property is threatened.

Our Mission

Sanitary District No.5 of Marin County is a special District, which while meeting or exceeding all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations, is dedicated to the protection of public health and the environment through effective and economical collection, conveyance, treatment and disposal of wastewater.