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A pie chart titled "Chart 2 Budgeted Expenditures by Type" showing various categories like Capital Improvement, Salaries & Benefits, etc.

Sanitary District No.5 of Marin County (“SD5”or “District”) is a special enterprise district that was formed under the Sanitary District Act of 1923 (California Health and Safety Code, Section 6400 et. Seq). The District was established on May 22, 1922 and serves approximately 2,326 residential and commercial connections over 6.4 square miles within the Town of Tiburon East of Gilmartin Drive and the City of Belvedere and the unincorporated area of Tiburon between 3150 Paradise Drive and 4200 Paradise Drive.

The Fiscal Year 2024-2025 Budget supports the following strategic plan goals:

  • Ensure sewer rates are adequate for operation of the District
  • Review CalPERS unfunded liabilities annually and ensure adequate funding is in place
  • Ensure Achievable CIP Plan is in-line with current level of funding
  • Review Sewer Rates (2022-2023)
  • Ensure Adequate Sewer Reserves in-line with Reserve Policy
  • Review California Employee Retirement Benefit Trust (CERBT) Trust Funding to ensure OPEB funding is  on track
  • Evaluate & Apply for Grant Funding when applicable
  • Review MOU obligations regarding Classic and PEPRA and keeping pensions costs down

Current Approved Budget: FY2024-2025

FY2024 2025 Comprehensive Budget Final06202024TR.pdf


Historical Budgets:

FY2023 2024 Comprehensive Budget Final06222023TR.pdf2022-2023 Budget FINAL.pdf2021-2022 Budget FINAL.pdfSD5 FY21-22 Comprehensive Budget, Board Approved 6.17.2021.pdf2020 2021 Budget - FINAL.pdf2019 2020 Budget - FINAL.pdf2018 2019 Budget - FINAL.pdf2017 2018 Budget FINAL.pdf2016-2017_Budget_FINAL.pdf2015-2016_Budget_FINAL.pdf2014-2015_Budget_FINAL.pdf2013-2014 Budget Amendments Transfers.pdf2013-2014_Budget_FINAL.pdf2012-2013_Budget_FINAL.pdf2011-2012_Budget_FINAL.pdf2010-2011_Budget_FINAL.pdf