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Proposed Rate Increases

The District has not raised sewer service rates in over 8 years.

The District contracted with HF&H Consultants to perform a cost of service analyses which began in November of 2022. 

For the past 6 months HF&H in consultation with District staff and management have been performing the required review of the Districts finances, planned Capital Improvement Projects and cost of service for the Districts collections system and two wastewater treatment plants.

That cost of service analysis conducted by HF&H Consultants was completed and submitted to the board of directors along with the recommondations of the technical report to the Board of Directors at its April 20, 2023 meeting. 

Summary of Proposed Sewer Service Charges

The summary of the recommonded sewer service charge increases can be found in the downloadable notice below:

2023 Rate Increase Final Draft Notice 2_04152023 4862-5243-1198 v.2 EDITS 4889-8286-8574 v.1.pdf

The details of recommonded sewer service charges increases can be found in the downloadable Sewer Service Rate study report below:

SD No. 5 Final Report 04212023.pdf


Current Sewer Service Charges

Current Sewer Service Rates:

Tiburon:     $1034 per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU)

Belvedere: $1985 per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU)

Ordinances on Sewer Service Rates:

SD5 - 2010 Tiburon Rate Increase Ordinance No 2010-03.pdfSD5 - 2010 Belvedere Rate Increase Ordinance No 2010-04.pdf


Rate History

  • 1980-2005 rates were $300 per EDU/year (Tiburon Only- prior to Belvedere Annexation)
  • 2005 rates were $351 per EDU/year (Tiburon) and $890 per EDU/year (Belvedere)
  • 2006 rates were $411 per EDU/year (Tiburon) and $890 per EDU/year (Belvedere)
  • 2007 rates were $478 per EDU/year (Tiburon) and $1,139 per EDU/year (Belvedere)
  • 2008 rates were $478 per EDU/year (Tiburon) and $1,139 per EDU/year (Belvedere)
  • 2009 rates were $478 per EDU/year (Tiburon) and $1,185 per EDU/year (Belvedere)
  • 2010 rates were $598 per EDU/year (Tiburon) and $1,457 per EDU/year (Belvedere)
  • 2011 rates were $717 per EDU/year (Tiburon) and $1,748 per EDU/year (Belvedere)
  • 2012 rates were $825 per EDU/year (Tiburon) and $1,836 per EDU/year (Belvedere)
  • 2013 rates were $923 per EDU/year (Tiburon) and $1,928 per EDU/year (Belvedere)
  • 2014 rates were $1034 per EDU/year (Tiburon) and $1,985 per EDU/year (Belvedere)
  • 2015-2022 rates have remained unchanged @ $1034 per EDU/year (Tiburon) and $1,985 per EDU/year (Belvedere)

          Reminder: the District does not recieve Belvedere Ad-valorem (property tax income) 

  • In 2010 the District last performed a cost of service analysis. The result of those analysis recommonded sewer rate increases from 2010-2015. The summary of those rates increases is below:
SD 5 Sewer Rate Study 11May10 v5 FINAL.pdf