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Sani5 News: Sept 23, 2019

Upcoming Night Time Work this Friday Morning

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Monday, 23 September 2019: 3412 Hits


Date: September 23, 2019

To: Neighbors of the SD5 Main Plant

From: Tony Rubio - District Manager/Chief Plant Operator

Subject: Upcoming Night Time Work this Friday Morning


In the District’s continued effort to protect public health and the receiving waters of the State of California, the District has been required to perform a cleaning activity during the low-flow hours of the night and into the early morning (between 11pm -5am), on an annual basis as preventative maintenance.


This annual preventative maintenance activity includes the cleaning of the grit chamber located at the front of the treatment plants office located at 2001 Paradise Drive. The grit chamber cleaning is accomplished via high-powered vactor trucks that operate to vacuum out all of the settled debris that has been deposited at the bottom of the chamber. If this activity is not performed on schedule, the District runs the risk of damaging plant equipment by allowing this debris to flow in to the plant uncontrolled.


The District understands that our neighbors closest to the plant – those in the Point Tiburon Bay Side Association, those located directly above us on Centro and Diviso streets, and those on Paradise Drive on the bay-side of the plant – may be affected by the noise and light emitted from the cleaning project.  The District is providing this courtesy notice to you, our Neighbors, to warn of our upcoming mandatory annual (only once/year) activity, which ensures the safe and continued efficient operations of the SD5 Main Plant.


The cleaning activity will begin on Thursday, September 26, 2019, starting at 11 p.m., continuing through 6 a.m. on Friday, September 27, 2019.


Please contact Tony Rubio, District Manager (415.435.1501, at ext. 106), with any questions.


We greatly appreciate your understanding while we conduct this required, preventative maintenance at Sanitary District No. 5’s Main Plant.