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Sani5 News: Aug 07, 2019


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The purpose of this notice is to inform you and your neighbors of an upcoming construction project in your area that will improve and rehabilitate the sanitary sewer system. The 2019 Sewer Rehabilitation Project for Tiburon and Belvedere was sent out to bid in May of 2019. The Board of Directors for Sanitary District No. 5 has awarded the project to Glosage Engineers, Inc., and the construction project is expected to begin the first two weeks of August. The duration of the project will be approximately 16 weeks. Please be assured that construction at or near your property, however, will only occur for a small portion of that time.

Approximately 4,300 feet of old vitrified clay pipe is being replaced. In some places, the existing sewer is located in an easement behind the homes in others the existing sewer is located in the roadway. The sewers are being replaced by the pipebursting method which replaces the existing buried pipeline by pulling a polyethylene pipe with an expander head through the existing pipe without the need for a conventional construction trench. There will be some digging where your individual sewer lateral connects to the existing sewer.

The work will involve mechanical or hand digging to connect the lower laterals to the new sewer main. The work areas will be covered with plywood or similar material and barricaded off. The District's  contractor will work with each property owner in determining where the sanitary facilities are located. Any paved, concreted or landscaped areas affected by the project will be restored as nearly as possible to the pre-construction conditions.

When your lower lateral connection is dug near the sewer main, there will be a cost-effective opportunity for you to hire the contractor to televise your upper lateral and view its condition. Since the connection is exposed, your upper lateral can be replaced at this time at your expense for a lower cost than you would pay if you did this work as a standalone project. We urge you to avail yourself of this opportunity to replace your lateral at a greatly reduced cost. You may contact the contractor at (510) 815-4505

The construction will be inspected by Nute Engineering for Sanitary District No.5. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mark Wilson at (415) 453-4480, ext. 208.