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Board Member Ethics Certificates

Assembly Bill 1234 Ethics Training

In October 2005, the Governor signed Assembly Bill (AB) 1234, which requires that if a local agency provides any type of compensation, salary, or stipend to, or reimburses the expenses of a member of its 'legislative body' (as that term is defined in California Government Code Section 54952), that local agency's officials must receive training in ethics. The training must encompass both general ethics principles, as well as a summary of specific laws concerning conflicts of interests, rules and limitations on gifts, and government transparency. The initial training must be completed no later than one year after the first day of service; and then the training course must be completed once every two years thereafter. The official training sessions last a minimum of two hours.

Board of Directors Ethics Certificates

2021 Ethics 123 Certificate of Completion - O Arias-Montez.pdf2021 Ethics 1234 Certificate of Completion - C Benediktsson.pdf2023 Ethics R Snyder.pdf2023 Ethics T Moody.pdf2023 Ethics J Carapiet.pdf

District Management Ethics Certificates

2023 Ethics T Rubio.pdf2022 Ethics Certificate - D La Torre.tif2022 02 18 CSDA 2022 Ethics Training Certificate - R Cottrell.tif