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Quality Wastewater Service Protects the Environment

How You Can Help

The pipeline leading from a home or business, called a sewer lateral or side sewer, connects to the District's sewer main. The sewer lateral is the responsibility of the property owner.

Backflow Prevention

If your home or business fronts on a steep road, there is a risk of sewage backup. Contact the District to determine if you have a proper backflow prevention device installed.

Report Overflows

Call the District at (415) 435-1501 if you notice sewage overflow in the street. If the backup is on private property, the property owner is generally responsible, and a plumber should be called.

Dispose of Toxics Properly

Common household substances—such as paint, solvents, pesticides, motor oil, antifreeze, and battery fluids—are toxic pollutants. Keep them out of the sewer system.

Call (415) 499-7868 for more information on toxic materials.

Report Root Clearing

Notify the District before clearing roots from your sewer lateral, so the District can prevent chopped roots from clogging the sewer mains.

Protect Your Sewer Line

Your sewer line should never be broken or cut to connect to a rain gutter. Tree roots or contaminants can enter, creating maintenance, health, and environmental problems.

Sewer Emergencies

24 Hours

(415) 779-9048

Dial 9-1-1 if public health or property is threatened.

Our Mission

Sanitary District No.5 of Marin County is a special District, which while meeting or exceeding all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations, is dedicated to the protection of public health and the environment through effective and economical collection, conveyance, treatment and disposal of wastewater.